(2/6) III. Hegyalja Catfish Cup

HHK 2024

(2/6) III. Hegyalja Catfish Cup


Csónakos és parti harcsafogó verseny a Tiszán

General provisions: Teams of 2-3 people can participate in the competition! We can accept a maximum of 48 teams! The teams can take place only at the specific spot they have drawn. Teams can only set up their camp at the exact fishing spot they drew. They can fish with static methods and fish at night within the 1-km section drawn for them. At the same time, they have the opportunity for active fishing along the entire length of the competition course, but only during daylight hours, which last from 5 am to 9 pm. Two different methods can be used in the competition: - static fishing from shore (bottom fishing, break-line technique, etc.) - active fishing from a boat (clonk fishing, vertical fishing, spinning, trolling) Teams are free to choose between the two methods at any time of the day; they can allocate their time freely, they can choose the amount of time spent fishing and relaxing. Active fishing is allowed throughout the competition. During active fishing, only 2 members of the team can fish for catfish, with 1 rod per person. All regular methods of boat fishing are allowed: clonking, vertical fishing, and spinning with both live and artificial bait. Static fishing is allowed throughout the competition. During static fishing, all three members of the teams can fish for catfish at the same time, with 2 rods per person. The simultaneous use of the two methods is also allowed! But in this case, each team can only have one boat on the water, and only 2 people can be in the boat, and only 2 members can use active method. Teams may choose to use only one method throughout the competition; it is not mandatory to know/use both methods. When fishing from the boat, only two people can be in the boat, and both anglers can fish with one hand-held rod. In such cases, their third companion can stay on the shore, in their camp. The 3rd team member can fish with 2 rods, either for catfish or baitfish. Active fishing is allowed along the entire length of the competition course (in both sectors) from dawn (5 am) to dusk (9 pm). After sunset, however, each team may only stay on the 1 km long section it has drawn. Static fishing is only allowed for the teams within the 1-km section which they draw in the opening event. Within the drawn river section, teams can camp only at the spot given for them. The use of sonar (fish finder) is allowed! During the static method, the main line can only be placed above the surface of the water parallel to the shore. In all other cases, the main line must be sunk. The placing of the end-rig is only permitted up to half of the riverbed.

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Date : 2024-07-10

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